Halloween Film Recommendations 2018

My recommended viewing of #HalloweenMovies to watch this year.

Donnie Darko (2001)

Funny Games (2007)

Saw (2004)

Train to Busan (2016)

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

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Nightcrawler – Film Review

Lou Bloom is a man with a singular driven mission to succeed. His unnerving manner is nothing short of psychopathic. After being refused employment on a building site, Lou comes across a motor accident, moments later a video journalist arrives and films the rescue that ends up on the morning news. Lou learns that being a ‘nightcrawler’ might be a viable career for him and would be something he would be good at. He develops quickly, and his intellegence and ability to learn and retain information and facts, true or not, pushes him and his career to grow quickly.

After developing a relationship with a network news director he also hires an asistant to help navigate and look after the car while he films. Together, Lou and his assistant come across a home invasion triple homicide. He films the attackers and it seems that Lou has a plan to use this information, not only to become a network executive but to solve all the other problems he has, truly showing what Lou is capable of.

Interestingly this film puts you on the outside watching in, much the same as watching the news does, as does the music which is bright with a dark undertone that gives a prelude to this dark film. It also poses the unwanted answer to the question of, where do the visuals on the news come from and what they did to get them?


Thats a nice watch you got there…. you are not a real policeman are you?

Paterson – Film Review

Everyone needs to be a bit more like Paterson, quiet, unassuming, thoughtful and even tempered. This is a film that you will either get or totally miss the point of. Pretty much the same as all the Jim Jarmusch films I have watched. It’s easy to overlook the poetry of the dialogue,silences and the conflicting characters.

Paterson is a bus driver in the city of Paterson, New Jersey, he is also a poet. Poetry is something he does for himself, even his bohemian girlfriend hasn’t heard and read all of it, he even refuses to describe himself as a poet, even to other self proclaimed poets he meets. I would like to believe that writing poetry for Paterson is some sort of catharsis or self healing from his previous life in the Marines, it’s not talked about, but the photo of himself in his military uniform and the proficiency he showed disarming Everette shows his military training. However he may suffer from Slight PTSD. His military days still show in his day to day routine, not needing an alarm clock and his disciplined routine of only having one beer at the bar before returning home. Yet through all of this there is still a patient observant man.

It’s a wonderful film capable of bringing you to tears, and a hint of subtle humour to make you smile. A great piece of people watching.

9/10 ⭐️

Aha, I once heard a Japanese man say the best sentence I have ever heard. But I have never had a Japanese man give me a gift that saved me. But for now I am going to buy a book of Japanese Poetry and have a shower with a raincoat on. Perhaps under a Water Fall (not all one word).

American Psycho – Review

Patrick Bateman, a wealthy investment banker, starts to go off the rails and begins to indulge his violent fantasies, playing them out in a gruesome fashion. He manages to hide his bloodthirsty pastime behind an almost ridiculously cold and materialistic persona from his friends and fiancée who are as shallow and materialistic as himself.
The film for me has dated a little, it’s a very stereotypical 90’s yuppie, with the minimalist and monochromatic decor, instantly identifying the era. But in a way it adds to the impact of the story, showing how detached Patric Bateman is from normal human contact.
The film cleverly casts doubt over the whole storyline by exposing that some of the events we witness are not able to be substantiated.
I believe this to be the true story. Most of the events were in his own head, he may not have even killed anyone. Drug usage and his viewing habits of porn and horror films have surely filled his head with an elaborate story of violence and murder.


Shit, I forgot to return some video tapes.


Children of Men – review

In the near future humankind have stopped reproducing. So when a rebel group try to help the only known woman that is pregnant to safety from a police state England, they recruit a former activist to get her to the Human project somewhere out to sea
Surprisingly better than I thought this would be, even though there are some plot holes like, why recruit Clive Owen’s character? He is not a Liam Neeson type that has a hidden ex military past. He is merely Julianne Moore’s ex partner.
Anyway that is just a minor gripe in and otherwise engrossing film (I was watching this on a train and almost missed my stop).


Damn it, someone has stolen my rowboat. I left all my Fugees albums in there too. Bloody hell.


Dark City – Review

I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this one, truth be told I only really watched it because Kiefer Sutherland was in it. However I was pleasantly surprised.
The story is a weird mash up of The Matrix, Memento and The Adjustment Bureau.
A man wakes up in a bathtub and discovers the body of a dead woman in the next room. All memory of his life (and indeed the murder) have been wiped clean and his attempts to clear his name sees him mixed into a dark underworld, where he starts to uncover the truth about the world he lives in. It’s a dark world (or Dark City, if you prefer) ruled by Alien beings that want to study humans in order to save their kind from extinction by studying humans.
Alex Proyas’ dark imagery and equally dark colour palette, place this world into the same world as The Crow (not really that surprising as he did direct both, but I do think that some of The Crow did rub off on this film.)
The film plods along in almost a detective movie style until John (Jack, James, Jimmy – possible the most amusing scene in the film where he tries out a few names) discovers he has been imprinted with the same powers as the aliens, which like the Matrix he can control instantly and to a better degree than his opponents and winning the day (Yay, go good guys).
Overall I liked this film, but to disappoint the Sci-fi enthusiasts among you, I enjoyed the Matrix just that little bit more.


I better go and get Kiefer out of that kids climbing frame he likes to wear, he says it helps him with his limp, but I am not sure it does.


Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy- Review

“People don’t understand the problems of a 40 year old skate park cult leader, ya know” says Brewce Martin the owner of Skatopia, an 88 acre plot of land that he and his team are developing into a skateboarders paradise.
The documentary covers a year of Brewce’s life as they are getting things ready for their next event, the Bowl Bash. He has many obstacles in his way, financial, incarceration and infidelity to name but a few. But he manages to scrape through to continue his Skatopia dream.
Life on Skatopia, on the surface is Hedonistic one. It has very little rules and full of danger (Brewce and his anger issues being one of them). Under the surface it’s full of hard work and dedication that keeps the place going. Even the legendary Tony Hawke describes it as a “Right of passage”, and it certainly seems that way. People travel vast distances to come to the events and even just to come and hang out while they participate in the “work to skate” policy that’s enforced by Brewce himself.

I think everyone with even a little punk rock spirit will enjoy this Documentary


After I finish skating this peanut bowl, I’m gonna burn my car.